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Enhancing Mental Health

Learn about mental health and how to enhance it. Explore mental health in a personal, community and workplace context.

Intro to Coaching

Explore key aspects of coaching and how it can support personal and professional development.

Sports Psychology

Explore the roles that motivation, self-confidence, self-talk, emotional control and concentration play in sports performance.

Developing a Growth Mindset

A growth mindset enables you to embrace your abilities, skills and talents. Actualise your potential.

Sexology: Intro to Relationship Dynamics

Gain insight into the role you play in creating and maintaining relationship dynamics.

The Science of Sexology

Explore the scientific study of human sexuality, sexual interests, sexual behaviours and functions.

How to have Critical Conversations

Learn how to have difficult conversations in a personal and professional setting. Gain practical skills to have critical conversations.

Coaching Skills for Managers online course | Global SACAP

Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching is a meaningful way to ignite the best within individuals. Learn how to unlock potential and empower others.