Areas of Expertise

Our specialised short courses and micro-credentials focus on contemporary topics within Applied Psychology, Communication, Business Management, People Management, Counselling and Coaching.

Applied Psychology

Applied Psychology is the study of the mind, human behaviour and mental health. Our applied psychology short courses promote an understanding of the developmental, social and environmental factors that shape how we think, feel and act. Gain a better understanding of your behaviour and others, and apply your knowledge and skills in a real-world setting.


Clear communication leads to efficient and positive outcomes, but communicating well is difficult. Our communication short courses equip you with skills to interpret verbal and non-verbal communication. Learn how to appreciate emotional and cultural contexts, and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Business Management

Managers and leaders use their skills and experience to harness potential and effect positive change within a business. Our business management short courses combine academic theory, management, problem-solving and critical thinking. Equip yourself with practical skills and acumen needed to navigate the increasingly complex demands of competitive business environments.

People Management

Effective people management results in high levels of productivity, employee wellness and business success. A manager’s role is both strategic and human-centered. Responsibilities include employee recruitment, training, policy development, and developing strategies that retain talent. Our people management short courses are human-centric and explore the individual within a social and organisational context.


Having helping conversations with others is a valuable way to provide social support. Listening and supporting others are essential skills in a helping relationship. Our counselling short courses are designed for learners interested in acquiring basic counselling skills, or building on existing counselling knowledge. These courses are ideal for those applying helping conversations within their work role.


Coaching aims to benefit individuals, their organisations and society as a whole. A coach is a thinking partner that accelerates learning and development to bring out the best in people. Coaching skills are valuable for managers who want to motivate team members and maximise their potential. Our coaching short course teaches you how to create a space for reflection, ask insightful questions to promote awareness.