About Us

About SACAP Global

SACAP Global offers a range of specialised psychology short courses and workshops designed for professionals who want to build critical soft skills.

Whether you are entering the job market, working towards a promotion, or pursuing a new field of interest, SACAP Global’s online courses will help you build practical skills to confidently navigate the rapidly changing workplace.

Our courses have been designed and developed by a team of academics and subject-matter experts to ensure up-to-date course content. Topic areas include Applied Psychology, Communication, Business Management, People Management, Counselling and Coaching.

Courses are self-directed and hosted online in a social learning environment where you can engage with peers.

SACAP Global is a division of SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology). Our extensive experience in higher education provides us with an understanding of working in a multicultural context.

Why upskill with us?

SACAP Global embraces a human-centered approach to online skills development. Our specialised short courses are grounded in Applied Psychology, highly practical and offered on an interactive learning platform.

Each course has a specialised focus to help you stay relevant in your current industry or prepare you for a shift into a new field of interest.

Course material is continually renewed by academics and subject matter experts to ensure up-to-date course delivery. We have extensive experience in interdisciplinary education and our goal is to equip you with practical skills that prepare you for the future of work.

  • Grounded in applied psychology
  • Digitally certified and stackable
  • Upskill online with experts
  • Flexible online learning
  • Social learning environment
Grounded in applied psychology
applied psychology short courses | Global SACAP

Grounded in applied psychology

Human-centric short courses embedded in psychological theory and skills. Improve your self-awareness, gain a better understanding of human behaviour and achieve greater outcomes when working with others.

Digitally certified and stackable

Digitally certified and stackable

Each learner’s course work is individually assessed and digitally certified. If you want a comprehensive understanding of a certain topic or area of expertise, you can register for multiple micro-credentials and stack them.

Stackable credentials are valuable for learners wanting to pursue formal programmes in higher education. A specific combination of micro-credentials can be stacked and recognised as equivalent to degree modules. Enrol for degree programmes at SACAP South Africa and apply for module exemption with the micro-credentials that you’ve completed online.

Upskill online with experts

Upskill online with experts

SACAP Global’s short courses are developed and assessed by highly trained experts in their respective fields. Learn new skills online and prepare for the future workplace.

Flexible online learning

Flexible online learning

Specialised short courses designed for working professionals. We’ve applied asynchronous learning that allows you to work through course material, and meet weekly targets, at a time that suits you. You can register for multiple short courses and move between disciplines.

Social learning environment
online applied psychology short courses | Global SACAP

Social learning environment

Engage with peers and benefit from activity-based learning. Join an online learning community and empower yourself in a practical and social learning environment.

Internationally Accredited

SACAP Global is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). This accreditation solidifies the high-quality educational services that we offer and confirms that our learning experience meets internationally quality assurance standards.

British Accreditation Council