Frequently asked questions


How do I register for a course?

All registrations are done via the SACAP Global website. Visit the courses page and add the course(s) you want to register for to your cart. Follow the online checkout and payment steps. Once payment has been made you will receive an email confirmation of the course(s) you have registered for.

Do I need to attend classes or webinars online?

There are no online classes or webinars for the micro-credential courses. Course content is released on a weekly basis allowing you to work through the course material, and meet weekly targets, at a time that suits you.

There are no online classes for most of our short courses, however the Coaching Skills for Managers short course has weekly online interactive classes. Class attendance is required as the short course is delivered online by a management expert.

CPD workshops are offered on demand and with a live session, allowing participants to choose which format they prefer.

Do I have to complete tests or exams?

The micro-credential courses have graded formative online activities. There is a summative assessment at the end of each course, which is graded by our academic team. An overall course grade of 50% is required in order to pass and receive a digital certificate.

The on-demand short courses have no graded assessment. Learners are required to complete 100% of the course content in order to pass and receive a digital certificate.

The Coaching Skills for Managers short course has weekly questionnaires which count towards a learner’s graded assessment.

The CPD workshops have an online journal article and a multiple-choice questionnaire. Learners are required to complete 75% of the course content and an overall grade of 50% is required in order to pass and receive a digital certificate.

What if I don't complete my assessments?

Unfortunately, if we don’t receive the work by the given deadline it can’t be graded. This means you will not receive a certificate nor badge for the course.

What are the entry requirements?

Our goal is to make upskilling accessible to learners across the globe.

Anyone 18 years of age or older can sign up for a micro-credential, short course or online workshop. There are no academic entry requirements or conditions.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Check the description of the course you’re interested in to see its exact duration.

On average, you will need:

Note:  The Coaching Skills for Managers short course requires 6 hours of weekly study.

What is the difference between a micro-credential, short course and CPD workshop?
  •  Micro-credentials are bite-size components of accredited qualifications. These courses include assessment and are classified as ‘credentials‘ because learners demonstrate evidence of a skill set.
  • Short courses help you build practical skills in a short time. Course duration varies from a few hours to a couple of weeks. These courses deepen your knowledge and professional competency.
  • CPD (Continuous Professional Development) workshops develop and enhance the abilities of industry professionals. These online workshops include learning activities and assessments to ensure that participants continue to be proficient and competent in their profession.
What is a stackable credential?

SACAP Global’s micro-credentials are designed to be equivalent to components of accredited qualifications.

Micro-credential courses are stackable, which means that they can be recognised as equivalent to modules within degree programmes at SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology).

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Complete a specific combination of micro-credentials, enrol for the Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree, and apply for module exemption.

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For more information contact [email protected].

Are short courses and micro-credentials accredited?

Our short courses and micro-credentials are non-credit bearing and are not on their own sufficient for entry into SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) degree programmes or credit-bearing qualifications.

For those who meet minimum entrance requirements, module exemption via RPL is possible for a specific combination of SACAP Global micro-credentials. For more information contact [email protected].

Is SACAP Global accredited?

SACAP Global is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). This accreditation solidifies the high-quality educational services that we offer and confirms that our learning experience meets internationally quality assurance standards.

British Accreditation Council

About The British Accreditation Council (BAC)

BAC was established in 1984 to provide a comprehensive quality assurance scheme for independent further and higher education institutions. BAC accreditation is recognised across the world as the clearest mark of educational quality in the private sector.

What can I expect from a short course?

SACAP Global’s specialised short courses combine content knowledge and practical experience, which means the skills you learn can be applied directly to your current, or future, work environment.

Courses are hosted on OpenLearning, a social learning platform where you can like, comment and engage with course facilitators and peers.

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