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Intro to Human Behaviour

Understand what makes you, "you." Discover why humans think, feel and behave the way they do.

Factors Influencing Human Behaviour

Explore internal and external factors that shape human behaviour. Learn how habits, attitudes and values are formed.

Domains of Psychology

Explore the core schools of thought in psychology. Understand the biological and neuropsychological functioning of the human mind and body.

Psychological Theories of Child and Adolescent Development

Understand the ways in which children and adolescences develop, think and behave.

Counselling Children and Youth

Develop skills and awareness around current challenges faced by children and youth. 

Intro to Crisis & Trauma

Explore various concepts of crisis and trauma and develop a strategy for implementing a trauma-informed approach.

Symptoms of Crisis & Trauma

Understand the differences between immediate and long-term effects of crisis and trauma and accompanying emotional and physical reactions.

Crisis Interventions

Learn why specific crisis and trauma interventions are appropriate in addressing complex trauma.

Effective Crisis & Trauma Management

Understand which treatments and approaches are most effective in managing post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Building a Positive Self-Esteem

Go on a journey of introspection and self-reflection to understand what affects your self-esteem and how to enhance it.

The Art of Motivation: Empower Self and Others

Understand motivation, internal and external drives, how emotions influence behaviour and what underpins people’s pursuits in life.

Fundamental Counselling Skills

Want to enhance your current skillset? Learn the basics of counselling and how to have effective helping conversations with others.