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What are OpenCred Courses?

Mar 16, 2022 | By Jenna van Schoor
What are OpenCred Courses? - Global SACAP

The world of work is evolving at a rapid rate, and the future workforce will require many different skills. If you’re looking to learn and expand your skillset while working, then you’ve probably considered upskilling. But have you thought about how completing short courses online could help you acquire practical industry-relevant skills that can excel your career?

In particular, we’re referring to OpenCred courses – offered through OpenLearning – an online learning platform with roots in Malaysia and Australia. SACAP Global has partnered with OpenLearning to host a range of micro-credentials and short courses for an international audience. These micro-credentials are classified by OpenLearning as OpenCreds and can be stand-alone credentials, or form part of a formal qualification.

In this post, we’ll talk about OpenLearning and their OpenCred courses. We’ll also touch on how SACAP Global has partnered with OpenLearning to offer a robust and expansive learning framework online.

What is an OpenCred?

As the name suggests, an OpenCred is an “open” credential which means it is available online to anyone over the age of 18 years. OpenLearning ensures that any course they approve as an OpenCred course on their platform is designed according to best practice course development principles. They’re designed to meet the needs of higher education institutions and industries, to prepare you for the future of work.

OpenCred courses offer value independently, because of the upskilling they provide in areas of interest. They can also be recognized towards a formal qualification through recognition of prior learning.  When completing a combination of OpenCred courses, those credentials can be stacked and used for exemption from subject matter in qualifications such as degree programmes. When courses are recognised by higher education institutions as equivalent to modules within their degree programmes, it can, in some cases, lead to module exemption within a formal qualification when students meet the entry requirements.

What do OpenCred courses look like? These market-leading courses are built on a framework of strong academic content that deepens knowledge and professional competency. Learners are required to complete specified learning hours which includes practical tasks and assessment.

Upon completion you will receive a digital certificate of competence and a digital badge. These certificates and badges can be shared to 100+ social media to platforms. Thus, allowing you to share your achievement with a single click.

OpenCred courses may also be recognised by an industry association or professional body. This means that completing certain courses can contribute to maintaining requirements for continuing professional development in certain industries.

Who is OpenLearning?

OpenLearning is an online learning platform that focuses on community, connectedness, and learner engagement. This education platform creates a practical and social learning environment where you can acquire industry-relevant skills through outcome-based learning experiences. OpenLearning fosters a culture of engagement, through the use of tools like built-in galleries, wikis and blog pages that encourage collaboration and peer feedback.

This unique human-centric approach to online learning focuses on empowering learners by actively engaging with a learning community, instead of just ticking virtual boxes, watching pre-recorded videos and completing a course on your own.

Why SACAP Global partnered with OpenLearning

SACAP Global partnered with OpenLearning to expand their reach into a wider market, and to contribute to the growth of a global community of leaders, managers, educators and any working professionals wanting to upskill in our areas of expertise.

The human-centric approach that OpenLearning has taken to eLearning, compliments the human-centered philosophy of SACAP Global. Their range of digitally certified credentials are grounded in Applied Psychology theory and practice to allow for personal and professional growth.

Together, OpenLearning and SACAP Global empower the future workforce through interactive online learning and career advancing credentials.

Grow your career with SACAP Global

If you’re interested in how SACAP Global’s OpenCred courses can excel your career, then take a look at the range of courses we have on offer.

OpenLearning currently hosts micro-credentials and short courses from SACAP Global in the following areas:

  • Applied Psychology
  • Communication
  • Business Management
  • People Management
  • Coaching

These certified credentials are embedded in Applied Psychology, and aim to empower working professionals in their chosen careers. Whether you’re looking to communicate better, gain a deeper understanding of employees or colleagues, or to take steps to become a more impactful manager or leader, our courses provide you with practical and in-demand skills.

Visit our website for more information about course dates, and to register for one of these certified OpenCred courses. We look forward to hearing from you!

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