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Making the Most of a Gap Year with Short Courses

Apr 05, 2024 | By Saranne Durham
Young woman doing a short course online while traveling during her gap here

Gap Years are ideal times to explore career options. You can use a gap year to dip into areas that you have an interest in but are not sure you want to commit to. One of the most effective and savvy ways of doing this is to do short courses

The Benefits of Short Courses

A short course is something that can be completed in a limited timeframe. They range in time commitments and coursework requirements. Their purpose is to upskill you in a strategic and focused manner. Some have entrance requirements, however many don’t and are open to those who have just left school through to seasoned executives.  

5 Reasons to do a Short Course

  1. It’s a quick, focused way to upskill yourself
  2. Cheaper than a degree or diploma. 
  3. Positive addition to your CV. 
  4. Provides insight into an industry or field of study. 
  5. Online courses provide maximum flexibility. 

A short course is a great way of learning something new without the financial commitment of a degree or diploma course. They are time efficient and don’t often require taking time out from work. Another big advantage of a short course is that it enables you to try out a subject before committing to a specific field. 

The Advantages of Stacking

SACAP Global offers a number of specialised short courses and micro-credentials. Our micro-credential courses are designed to be equivalent to components of accredited qualifications. Micro-credentials courses are stackable, which means that if you decide to pursue a degree with SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology) (i.e. a full qualification course) you are able to use specific sets of courses to apply for module exemption. Thereby decreasing your overall course load and putting you one step closer to completing a formal qualification.

How to Choose a Short Course

Short courses are strategic ways to enhance your skills or gain insight into a field. Therefore, it’s important to choose the course that matches your objectives. Online courses provide flexibility. And when done through a reputable institution, are robust and enhance personal and professional competency. SACAP Global’s specialised short course topic areas include Applied Psychology, Communication, Business Management, People Management, Counselling and Coaching

SACAP Global’s online short courses and micro-credentials are designed for working professionals who want to augment their current skill set. They are intended to be strategic and focused learning opportunities. Get in touch with the SACAP Global team to find out more about which course best suits your needs. 

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