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What our learners have to say about SACAP Global – Bonolo Mdhluli

Dec 13, 2023

Bonolo Mdhluli is 24. “I’m from Pretoria – one of the best cities in Mzansi!” he declares. Last year Bonolo graduated with a BA Degree from the University of Pretoria. “I majored in Psychology and Sociology,” he tells us when we catch up with him. 

This year, Bonolo completed two micro-credentials with SACAP Global: Factors Influencing Human Behaviour and Fundamental Counselling Skills.

We’re curious. Why did he elect to upskill with these online micro-credentials, and how does he rate his learning experience? So, we asked him. This is what he has to say… 

Fuelling his fire

Serving and helping people is what really drives Bonolo. Particularly in the business/ entrepreneurship space, he says. “I’m currently unemployed, however, I’ve been working part time on my friend’s food start-up, and I’m involved in talent acquisition and general communications.”  

Why upskill in psychology? “Fundamentally psychology is the study of cognition and behaviour, and it’s embedded in every industry and profession,” Bonolo responds. “The skills you learn – such as negotiating, active listening, building rapport – are transferable to many personal and work-related scenarios.” 

Why SACAP Global?

“I enrolled in Factors Influencing Human Behaviour because I believe that human behaviour is an integral tenet to understanding the psyche. I feel this micro-credential will assist me get a more concrete grasp on human potential in the workplace,” Bonolo explained. 

“Also, I wanted to gain more applied knowledge with regards to some of the fundamental internal and external mechanisms affecting human behaviour. I’d like to assist others understand themselves, as well as cultivate a deeper insight into some of my own behaviours,” he adds.  

“I enrolled in Fundamental Counselling Skills because I wanted to gain practical experience in counselling. I hope it will aid me with the pragmatic and foundational insights required for effectively counselling people.” 

High fives!

“I give both micro-credentials five-star ratings!” Bonolo exclaims.  

Which course material did he enjoy the most? “In Factors Influencing Human Behaviour: ‘the key constructs of human cognition’, ‘the development of social cognition’ and ‘the importance of wellbeing’”, he says.  

In the Fundamental Counselling Skills micro-credential Bonolo lists ‘setting up the relationship’ and ‘developing the relationship’ as his favourite components. 

Programme perks

We asked Bonolo to describe how he felt about upskilling online. “The courses are very accessible,” he says. “The online learning platform is interactive and easy to navigate. The course delivery is dynamic so as a learner you’re engaged in different ways, and the content material is good quality.” 

How does he hope the micro-credentials he’s completed will enhance his professional expertise? “I’ve definitely acquired more knowledge and pragmatic experience, especially as far as counselling is concerned,” he asserts. “I feel this is enormously beneficial because these skills are useful in many different industries.” 

Poised for potential

Bonolo is optimistic about his future. While he’s not one hundred percent sure where he’ll be five years from now, but he feels his experience with SACAP Global has helped orient his career compass. 

“I hope to have started my own enterprise, operating at a highly competitive level offering something that’s considerably unique within my market,” he concludes. 

Bonolo has chosen to upskill with online micro-credentials, and you can, too. SACAP Global offers specialised short courses designed to augment and enhance your career journey. Are you just entering the job market? Developing your current skillset? Or pursuing a brand-new field of interest? Let SACAP Global help you navigate today’s rapidly changing workplace with confidence.   

Upskilling couldn’t be more accessible or convenient. Find out how. Get in touch now. 

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